A Clean Slate for 2010

I prefer to wrap up a year strong than to set New Year’s Resolutions.

For years, I have watched people set New Year’s Resolutions and drop their “goal” within 10 days.  I’m sure you have seen the same trend. Everyone starts out strong but the polish wears off when they don’t get immediate results. We are shown a bright pretty slate and nothing has really changed if we haven’t prepared ourselves.

A New Year’s Resolution is similar to a magic button to weight loss- it’s not just going to happen because you want it to. I prefer to set goals- short term and long term. Instead of just waiting for things to happen, I try to make sure to reevaluate each goal every few weeks. For more important goals, I try to review them every few days.

Checking Off the Boxes

Last week when it suddenly hit me that there were only 15 days left in 2009, it sparked a fire under me. Every year, Christmas seems to sneak up on me. Usually because I have my shopping done by around September 1st. Choosing to have a stress free holiday with my family allows me to have extra time while many people are shopping or on vacation.  I set goals back in the early fall that I wanted to finish by the end of the year. As I said before when I realized that deadline was fast approaching, I got on the ball. Once I got started, I realized some of my projects and goals were only a few steps from being completed.

Uninterrupted Focus

On a regular day, I have a good deal of interruptions that are necessary to running my business. Since this time of year is usually quiet, my focus has been better for accomplishing those little extra things. Of the 15 moderate sized projects I had left to complete, I have checked 11 off my list. 4 goals for the next 7 days is manageable even with Christmas this week.

In a way cleaning up and finishing those projects hanging over my head, I have created my clean slate for the New Year. I have been working in my group with Lynn Terry on blogging calendars and planning for 2010. There is something really great about finishing up the year with a strong plan and business goals coming back from the holidays.

You may have heard me talk about Lynn Terry before. She has been an Internet and affiliate marketer for over 10 years. She’s done the trial and error in her Internet based business and gives back with her Elite Masterminds Group.  On Lynn’s blog, you can find more about her Blog Boost for 2010. Make sure to click this link because she outlines a great game plan for improving traffic and conversion.

Be sure to check out Lynn’s Elite Mastermind group too. The monthly price is outstanding to bring together such a strong team for brainstorming, Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. Thanks to this group, I am going to be able to get my affiliate program up for you in the next few days.

Thanks for the great year and Happy Holidays.


Note: There may be affiliate links contained in this blog post. This is not a sponsored post and is my personal opinion that I chose to share. I personally use many of Lynn’s products.

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