Contest for Plantronics 995 Headset

Our business anniversary is February 20th and to celebrate we are giving away a Plantronics 995 Wireless Headset.Β  Between my best friend and I, we own 5 of these headsets and if you are in the market, don’t waste your money on anything else. The quality is phenominal. I can walk to the opposite end of my apartment and shut doors between myself and the receiver in my office and never hear any feedback.

I suggested the Plantronics 995 to Lynn Terry and you can check out her comparison of the Logitech Clearchat and the 995. Lynn agreed with me that the Clear Chat is not very comfortable. The Plantronics is larger because it is well padded. It is not small and subtle but it is very comfortable.

The 995 is great for recording teleseminars and calls and I truly wish all of my clients had one just for sound quality reasons, so I’m giving one away.

Here’s what you have to do to enter. Post a comment with a funny or strange work story (or comment at all – the story is all in good fun.) You get an extra entry for retweeting the contest on Twitter, posting on Facebook, etc. Just come back and post me a link, please. You also get a bonus entry for following me on Twitter @Cosminsky, and signing up for our newsletter (which you should do for contest updates too.)

The contest will officially end on February 22nd, since our anniversary on the 20th is a Saturday. I will be using to pick a winner.

Hope you win!


P.S. I am giving away a ton of books too, in an attempt to make room for new ones. Check out the list.

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  1. Heather Mae says:

    Hey – Wonderful day to end the contest! My husband and I share the birth date of 2/22.
    Great idea for the contest, too.

  2. I am actually in the market for one of these. I heard Lynn talk about how comfortable it is, and I’d like to start creating some videos, so I need a headset, and this sounds perfect. Anyway, I already follow you on Twitter and re-tweeted the contest.


    • Erica
      Twitter: Cosminsky

      I meant to say in the post that anyone already following me also gets that bonus entry. πŸ™‚

  3. I am actually in the market for one of these. I heard Lynn talk about how comfortable it is, and I’d like to start creating some videos, so I need a headset, and this sounds perfect. Anyway, I already follow you on Twitter and re-tweeted the contest.

  4. Michelle Waters
    Twitter: HomeBizGeeks

    Oh, a wireless headset would be so awesome! I like to pace while I’m recording a podcast or other audio and I can’t do that when I’m tethered to the front of my computer.

    Pick me! Pick me!



  5. I’ve been wanting one of those headsets…maybe this is my chance to win one!

    Here’s my work story:

    A few years ago, when I worked in an office with lots of other people, I’d wear my phone headset anytime I didn’t want to be interrupted. That way, if someone walked by my office and saw me “on the phone,” they’d leave me alone.

    • Erica
      Twitter: Cosminsky

      Good plan Rich. Maybe I should try that with my 2 year old.

      Good luck in winning. πŸ™‚

    • Heather Mae says:

      Rich – that reminds me of the times way, way back when I was managing the sales and finance offices for the business I worked for. I would almost never leave my desk to walk anywhere w/o a file folder in my hand. πŸ™‚ If I walked quickly and held a folder people would leave me alone thinking I was in the middle of doing something important. Most times I was actually going to get some coffee or use the ladies room.

  6. Loretta
    Twitter: retta719

    Well, I’m always in the market for a new headset. I like to have two, one for at home and one in my laptop bag. I’ve got through quite a few headsets since I started my transcription business several years ago.

    The very first headset I bought was a boring Logitech one and it lasted less than two weeks. Not because it was a bad headset, but because I was a nice neighbor and offered to puppy sit during the day since I was at home. The puppy would sit by my feet and chew his rawhide all morning. Well, one morning he got a little headset cord mixed in with his rawhide. Ooops!

    My second headset got knocked off the desk one too many times and the earpieces just couldn’t take the massive abuse I put it through! LOL This is actually an ongoing problem with the corded type of headset for me. The cord gets caught on my foot, or one of the kids walks by, or the dogs chase each other past me, and whoosh there goes my headset.

  7. Loretta
    Twitter: retta719

    By the way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! πŸ™‚

  8. In my twenties I worked as a dancer for a while, and for a while of that I had the opening & closing solo dances. So sort of noticeable.

    One night I went on & started the opening dance (a sort of solo 1920s cancan, I assure you it worked well) & I had some moves which involved kicking my feet up in front of my face & twiddling them round and round. And that’s when I noticed I was still wearing my flip-flops…

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    (yes, Isha is short for Marysia…)
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  10. Annemarie O'Bea says:

    Happy Anniversary. I’ve been coveting one of those plantronics headsets. So often I get on the phone and my puppy will start a “barkfest”. Last time I tried to chase him out of my office with a corded headset on I pulled a moment right from the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where she falls to the floor of the travel office because her headset is plugged in.
    Thnk how far I could chase him I were cordless!!

    • Erica
      Twitter: Cosminsky

      That is precisely why I had to get a wireless headset. I used to have Sony Professional headset- one of those you use in a recording studio that weighed 12 lbs. I yanked it off my head one night but managed to do it where my head was in the Y split of the cord so I not only raked my ears, I smacked myself in the face and throat with the headset.

      By the way, I like the new video on your homepage.

  11. Yes!!! I always wanted a wireless headset. I have plenty of stories to tell you from transcription that are funny. Which one do you want first? I am already following you on twitter and i reposted the contest. Ohh, hopefully I will win. I am actually borrowing my mothers headset because my children broke mine a while ago and I had to make them last because they are so expensive.

  12. Cynthia

    My funny work story happened when I was living in NY. I was working for a telemarketing company and I dragged myself out of bed for an early morning Sunday shift. I was beat, barely keep my eyes open and running late – I’m so not a morning person. I finally get there, thinking about how I’m going to hear about being so late, tumble into the office and NO one is there. I thought – oh my gosh, something awful happened and the place was evacuated! Nope, it was the day we turn the clocks back and I wasn’t late – I was an hour EARLY for my shift! Oh, the sleep I missed out on.


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