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If you are looking for a 1. Great, easy to use completely automated, Membership Site Software, 2. A Simple, Integrated Affiliate Software, or 3. great people to work with, look no further than DAP or Digital Access Pass.

DAP is Running Here (This might be a glowing testimonial.)

DAP is actually what my affiliate program for The Small Business Transcriptionist is running on as well as 2 other membership sites of ours. You may recall that several months ago we launched our affiliate program and the software was impossible to use. Trust me the backend was even worse. That was NOT DAP. I had to pull the program down after about 10 days because everyone had so many questions and it was screwing up my websites.

After Bob the Teacher suggested DAP, I downloaded the trial and immediately had issues because of the host I was using. Ravi Jayagopal, the genius behind Digital Access Pass, was very helpful and responded to my emails within minutes. Once I figured out the issue, which was that PDO isn’t supported on GoDaddy hosting (for less than $79 a month,) I had to cancel my trial. I think at that point Ravi thought I was frustrated with him. In reality I was extremely disappointed I had to wait because I had already seen what Digital Access Pass could do on Bob’s site, IM Success Library. I was so sure I wanted to use DAP, I moved almost 2 dozen websites from GoDaddy to Hostgator because this PDO was support there with their normal hosting.

It took me several weeks to get all of my sites moved and adjusted over to Hostgator. When I emailed Ravi to let him know I needed to be reactived, he emailed me almost instantly. I had it paid for and a ticket submitted to have it installed within 7 minutes of my original email. AND it was installed less than 18 hours later. I could have installed it myself but I wanted to see it done first. After Ravi’s fantastic assistant, Veena, answered some of my questions I did install it on site #2 and site #3 we use it on. *Correction* I thought Veena was Ravi’s assistant but she is his wife, and the CEO & Co-Developer of Digital Access Pass. As I have gotten to know them better, I can see how they function as an integral team bringing their own skills to their projects.

Setup: A Whole New Adventure
Installation of Digital Access Pass is pretty simple. Setup is a little more indepth partially due to the extent of options you have. Bob says the great thing about DAP is you can use as little or as much of DAP as you need. For example on this site, I was only going to use the integrated affiliate program. I am actually about to use DAP to launch a subscription program and several other products for this website. It was great to already have that power in my hands.

In the end if you can’t figure DAP out they will install it for you for free.

I am a very open affiliate for Digital Access Pass.



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She is a former corporate HR Manager, and ran her own virtual business team for 4 years. She has a BS in Organizational Leadership focused in HR and is a grad student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology focused in Workplace Efficiency. Honestly, if you have questions about working with people, Erica can probably help you. Ask her on Twitter. @Cosminsky


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  7. Hi Erica,

    Thank you for your very kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

    >>Raviโ€™s fantastic assistant, Veena, answered some of my questions<<
    Oh yes, Veena is really fantastic, but she's actually my wife, CEO & Co-Developer of Digital Access Pass ๐Ÿ™‚


    – Ravi Jayagopal
    Founder & Co-Developer, DAP


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