How Does It Work?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

1. What format should my audio be?

We accept all digital formats. We highly recommend digital audio because it is cleaner and our turn around speed will be much faster. We do not accept cassettes in the mail.

Concerned about how to record? Contact us and we will make arrangements to record your virtual speaking event for less than you would pay to have poor audio transcribed.

2. How do I send you my files?

We pride ourselves on being familiar with technology and equipped to meet your needs. We use Basecamp, a world class, online project management system, to provide exceptional security, accessibility and speed for our clients. You simple receive a username and password, log in, upload your files, leave us any notes we need and set back while we get to work.

In some cases, such as extremely large files, we have backup methods of receiving your files. Contact us and we will discuss them further. If needed, we have a Senior Network Engineer handy.

3. I’ve never used Basecamp. What’s the big deal?

Because I want you to see how truly simple we want to make your day, you can log into our guest account and take Basecamp for a spin. U: Guest. P: Guest. You will not be able to see any client information or current activity. However you can access all of the training videos, notes and take a look around.

4. How do you return my files?

We prefer to return your files to you via Basecamp, for your security and confidentiality. You will receive an email notification that your file has been uploaded and you simply log in and retrieve it. If you prefer or need a file urgently such as when you are traveling, we will email you the file directly.

5. What about templates?

If you have a premade template, we’ll gladly use that for your transcript. If not we’ll provide a standard transcript format. If you’d like a template created or you’re interested in special formatting, we can help you with that too.