Importance of SEO on your site

I received an interesting inquiry this morning. Regarding “transcription” in reference to RNA synthesis.

My friend, David Doolin, who we know and love as Dr. WordPress and the creator of, has been helping me with some customizations in my Thesis theme. Dave and I have a bit more in common than both being internet entrepreneurs.  I attended Auburn University as an Agronomy and Soils major and Dave has a bachelors in Geology, and a PhD. in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley. Dave made a comment on my site yesterday in regards to my welcome post from a few months ago. See below:



So if you will just ignore our playful rock and dirt banter for a moment, apparently someone searching Google for a resource on chemical transcription mechanics found my site. Keywords matched. I haven’t found the word chemical on my site yet but now it’s here several times.

Now you hear it all the time, that people may not read more than one page of your site so you better impress  them with every one. Poor kid didn’t catch on that I do audio transcription and filled out my contact form. You can imagine the look on my face as I went “uhhhh” this morning and tried to figure this out. He played along well and laughed with me about the mistake. Sadly, I know a little bit about the information he was looking for and sent him in a better direction.

Now, obviously there is no way to guarantee that when you blog about something not directly related to your industry you won’t get some stray visitors that may not be looking to buy your services or products. But honing your keywords and optimizing your site for those that are will help guarantee more targeted client hits for your business. I’m fairly comfortable with the SEO on this new website, but will probably take some time to strengthen my site today.

In fun, you may see a post tomorrow about how I got 100 hits tonight from strange keyword searches.

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2 thoughts on “Importance of SEO on your site”

  1. That’s really amusing.

    I don’t know why I didn’t get your blog into my feed… got it now.

    Honing keywords is something I need to get around to doing soon.

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