My new secret to productivity: getting stuff NOT done

Hey, Dave Doolin from Website In A Weekend here, filling in for Erica while she’s away. If you’re like me, you have way more on task list than anyone could possibly get done. I have few sneaky techniques for these situations. Here’s a couple of them.

When I’m just totally overloaded, I have the hardest time figuring out what to do.

But I have figured out a couple of ways to deal with overloading. Here’s two ways you can take action:

  1. Work on high ROI activity only.

    If there isn’t a bottom line return on an activity (or CYA if necessary), then don’t work on it.

    The hardest part of computing a bottom line is figuring out how much to value “play time.” For example, I want to build a couple of web sites using some new frameworks, but there is no direct ROI. However, play is where serendipity comes from. And serendipity is priceless. So it makes for a tough balance.

    Part of my success goals are to have more time for play, as defined here.

  2. Overcommit yourself.

    When you are overcommitted, what doesn’t need to get done… won’t get done.

    Avoid crisis management mode by letting what seems to urgent but really isn’t slide. For example, my email inbox is approaching a state of crisis. But I have other things that are more important. So I let the inbox slide.

These are just two of my techniques for handling overload. How to do you eliminate what doesn’t need to be done?