Outsourcing to Cut Costs

Okay, you have reached the height of your business, or perhaps just starting out, and realize the importance of effectively using yourpocket watch time.  Outsourcing tasks you don’t like or aren’t good at, will free up your time to do things you want and need to do yourself. Many small businesses are turning to outsourcing as an alternative in order to save valuable time and money.

A Special Breed: The Small Business

If you happen to be an entrepreneur, speaker, or small business owner you likely realize how discouraging it is to deal with medical transcription companies to transcribe and create content from your files. It is not only expensive, small business is not the medical transcriber’s niche, and you immediately have the disadvantage.  Even dealing with freelancers can be a disappointment. This is why most our clients turn to us.  They are the entrepreneur, speaker, or small business owner that needs someone who specializes in their niche at an affordable price. Plus waiting 2 weeks for your file is annoying.

Who Doesn’t Want to Save Money?

Outsourcing for the small business owner is a means in saving money.  With outsourcing you do not have the attachment of overhead expenses, benefits, retirement, staff, etc.  There is no direct hiring, but only simple contracting- which is more beneficial than the cost of hiring.  When hiring in-house you are aware of the high percentage of your business’s budget that can be absorbed into labor costs.  Outsourcing frees up this money, and it can be utilized in other areas.  Another benefit of outsourcing is that you are contracting with companies that are specialized in your industry and will provide you with the most valuable, professional content, knowing the market.

We’re Here for You

We are one such specialist in the niche.  The Small Business Transcriptionist can help the small business owner to develop single or multiple projects such as e-Book style transcripts from editing transcripts of your teleseminars or dictation or researched by our writers, copywriting, SEO writing, article writing, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, sales emails, and squeeze pages.  This is where many of our companies are finding the power of the services in which we provide.  When outsourcing with the Small Business Transcriptionist, you not only are guaranteed satisfaction we can provide you with a turn-around time of as little as 24 hours and the advantage of the most valuable content that takes you ahead of your competitors.

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