Paying Thanks

Over the past 6 weeks or so, it’s been pretty quiet around our blog. Honestly we’ve been so busy, none of us have had time to post. Because we are so thankful, we want to share our blessings.

So What’s Going On?

We of course always love our transcription clients that keep us busy and we are very thankful for all of our great clients and friends.

Recently we have had 3 large writing projects going on.For those of you that hadn’t heard yet, I am writing a book on virtual team management and collaboration from start to finish. It’s called The Invisible Office and covers everything from business structure to hiring and firing, to why mechanised, oppressive management won’t work for you any more. The book will be released in the spring and the website isn’t up yet. If you are interested in the project, send me a message. I’d love to talk to you about what issues you are having so I can include them in the book.

I’m also writing a book and a course for  a client. Some days I thought I couldn’t squeeze out another word.

Two Requests

Big Request for the Season: Many of your know that Thanksgiving is next week (in the US.) My 3 year old daughter’s Mother’s Day Out program is doing a food drive for their church’s food pantry. It’s very humbling to see her carry in a can or two every time we go into her school and offer it with such excitement. (I don’t make her carry all her cans.)

I think a lot of us have forgotten how lucky we are. I hope you will all take a moments to donate a few dollars to your local rescue mission or take a few cans to a local food drive. The Nashville Rescue Mission is one of my favorite charities. They have been providing meals and shelter for homeless people and those in need since 1954 and they don’t accept any government funding. They accept donations online, by phone or by mail. According to their website $2.26 can buy a meal. We can all spare more than that! The Nashville Rescue Mission has a secure payment page so be sure to give a little. You can also follow them on twitter at to keep up with their needs and works.

I’m in the process of getting information on Open Table, which also feeds homeless families. If nothing else, find a local can drive and take coats for them too!

Want to talk to me more? Please connect with me on Twitter @Cosminsky or on Facebook. I share what I am working on there and can connect you with other great people.

See you tomorrow when I’ve got a great post on the process of writing blog posts.


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