So What is an eBook Style Transcript?

Of all the questions I get asked, “What is an eBook style transcript?” is the one I get the most.

Most people apparently don’t give much thought to the format of what their transcripts or eBooks are going to end up with beforehand. The technique that we use for eBook style transcripts is to format the audio transcription into an eBook while we’re transcribing it. Instead of fighting with editing and adding subheadings in or trying to figure out where everything belongs afterward when the proofing or the typesetting is in process.

For example, my transcriptionists are trained to listen for audio cues when you change subjects. When you switch from talking about e-mail marketing to direct mail marketing, Direct mail marketing would be a subheading in a chapter as would e-mail marketing in your transcript. You can pick up cues more from audio, from voice, of where these subheadings should go in then you can from plain, direct text.

Sample of a “basic” e-book style transcript


So our eBook style transcripts basically create what could be an instantly saleable eBook or the base for a hardbound book. We have had several clients come to us with transcripts from other transcription companies asking us to turn them into eBook style transcripts because it gives them the basis for a hardcover book.

You get your audio back as an eBook with a cover page, headers, footers, a table of contents, and a well formatted text rather than just a plain 100 page paragraph that you may get from someone overseas provider who may not catch the nuances in American English speaking speech patterns. Because we break our paragraphs, our subheadings and our topics out differently than some other cultures would.

Also, when you get these back you can sell them immediately as a transcript with a table of contents so it’s easily searchable. We also use shorter paragraphs. We try to keep our paragraphs under 8 sentences at the very most. Why? Because if they’re longer than that people won’t read them. If it looks like it goes on for pages and pages and pages a person’s mind will reject the paragraph and will end up reading the same sentence over and over.

Custom Stylized Ebook Template

How We Do Make You Look Good

As a new client with the Small Business Transcriptionist, we ask a series of questions to determine the needs and style of the client. My project manager, Heather Marshall, designs a customized template for each client. (While I can create templates, I don’t even pretend to have half as much creativity as Heather when she designs each client’s template.) The examples on this page are all partial cuts of  transcript templates Heather has created for my Virtual Team Success Kit homestudy course.

As I mentioned, it’s easier to pick up from cues in the speaker’s voice and speech patterns regarding where headings, subheadings or chapter titles belong. Our transcriptionists take the time to include those special details while they create your transcript. As you can see from the examples in this post, the headings appear very similar to how chapter titles appear in books. There are different techniques we use in Microsoft Word and other programs that we use to format the book.

The “secret” to our ebook style transcripts is following through with different techniques in Microsoft Word and other programs that we use to format, rather than providing plain text transcripts. Another benefit to the way we format our eBooks using the headings in Microsoft Word makes them easier to convert to .PDF file format. Your PDF will still have a clickable, linked Table of Contents. You have several advantages there. Most publishers now use templates that are very similar to what we do for their eBooks. We have had several clients before who have said okay we need this transcribed onto this very specific format for our publisher. They send us the template and it is almost identical to the one we use every day.

Custom Stylized Ebook Template #2

So now that you have seen a few examples of our ebook style transcripts, be sure to leave me a comment with your ideas or feel free to contact me to see what our team, Heather and I can create for you.



P.S. The hard part…

When you are talking about cutting and pasting from Word to another program, for example from MS Word to WordPress, you lose your formatting to some degree. You’ll lose your bolding. You’ll lose your italics. But there is a function in MS Word 2007 & 2010 that will allow you to not lose that formatting. Typically we don’t use that in an eBook style transcript or in any transcript really because we don’t automatically create them for blog post use unless we are specifically asked to.

We do on occasion use that formatting when we are asked to write articles. And below here you can see an example of an eBook style transcript. It is an interview that my project manage did of me when we were starting our Simple Virtual Teem Kit Coaching Program and she interviewed me about our business. It’s pretty simple example of an eBook style transcript to give you a better idea of what one could look like.

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