Private Label Reselling

Virtual Assistants, Expand Your Service Offerings with Our Private Label Transcription Services

You brand it so it’s your service. You set the fees however you like. We handle the transcription work for you.

Cash in on a secret big companies have known for years. Just like brand name clothes have their products manufactured, we can provide services for your clients. We work as if we were a department of your company, except we aren’t there when you don’t need us and you don’t have to pay employment costs.

How does this work?

You offer our services to your clients as part of your package of services.

You have several options.

  • We can join you in you favorite project management system (Asana, Basecamp, etc) and deliver files to you that way.
  • We can return files to your clients via Dropbox.
  • We can return the files to you via email.

How does pricing and payment work?

You are free to set your costs however you wish, we do not require you to notify us of your pricing. We bill you our usual rate for services rendered and you pay us as usual. Then you bill your clients and receive your profit directly.