Stuck for Podcast Topics? Grab PLR!

Easy PLRPLR (or private label rights) content is often overlooked as a source for podcasters, everyone thinks of it as content for blog posts and email newsletters and other text information products. Truthfully, the content you get with PLR can be used to create all sorts of things, including videos, slide presentations, and even your podcast episodes.

If you’re stuck for a topic or if you’re having a hard time coming up with an outline for an episode you want to do, grab a pack of PLR that’s related to your main topic and use the articles as a starting point for your podcast episode. You don’t have to read it from the page word for word, though you certainly could do that if you found it to be well written and you wanted to.

Sometimes having that starter point is enough to get your thoughts flowing in the right direction and finish up with a great podcast episode.
I find the articles at to be especially good for this. You can take each article, expand on it a bit with your own thoughts, and before you know it you’ve recorded a 20 minute podcast episode. Easy and done.

You can also use small chunks of the PLR to record small snippets of tips that you can play in between longer sections of audio to break things up, or to offer as ad spots in other podcasts. Or you can go longer and grab a PLR report and turn each section into an episode in a series focused on a very specific topic; all together you could turn them into a webinar or teleseminar presentation.

There are lots of options and creative ways to use PLR to create unique audio and video content for your audience without spending hours and days doing research, because the hard part is already done for you. You just add your tone, your personal opinions and thoughts, and you’re done – it’s like magic.

Easy PLR from Nicole Dean is our recommended resource for this type of PLR content. Over the years I’ve not only purchased PLR from Nicole and found it to be awesome, but I’ve also worked with her and met her in person at events, I have to say she’s pretty darn amazing at pulling together teams of people that do great work together.