Suggestions for Hiring A Freelance Writer

This year I have learned a lot about my business and expectations for the coming year. For starters, I am planning on hiring at least one freelancer writer for the New Year. Identifying your strength and weaknesses is an important part of being a business owner. I no longer want to spend my days coming up with new content ideas. I’d much rather hire someone to take care of that while I work on marketing my sites. The 70 hour work weeks and having no personal life are a real drag; I should have done this sooner!

Below are a few things that I learned during the process of hiring a freelance writer for my sites and I thought they might help you too.

Start with the Basics

It really doesn’t need to be a difficult process but you do have to take the time to find the right person. Plenty of people are willing and wanting to work from home either part-time to supplement their income or a parent that wants to be able to work from home so they can be with their children more. Here are a few things to focus on when looking for someone.

Types of Content – It will be a big help to hire a freelancer that is used to blogging. Whereas hiring a “technical writer” to blog can often be cumbersome as they can be two very different styles of writing. However a writer could be perfect for creating e-books and press releases. Get clear about what you want and what type of person you think can help to accomplish your goals. Another important factor is search engine optimization – this also needs to be a consideration.

Industries – Freelancers are typically adept in several industries but not all – while one writer may be fluent in health news another maybe better with shiny new gadgets. A good freelancer will know their limitations. If it is a topic they aren’t familiar with it will take too much and won’t be worth it for either of you.

Tone of Writing – It is important to discuss upfront the tone of writing you expect – concise but funny, lighthearted but objective?

Authorship & more – Are you hiring a ghost writer? If so, that would mean there is an agreement that while they are writing the posts for your site(s) that you are putting your name on it. Also, if that is the case, do you own all the content and they will not be permitted to post it elsewhere as the content now belongs to you.

Payment – Pay should obviously be discussed up front and expectations clear on both sides. Most freelancers are paid by word but it needs to be discussed and agreed upon up front before work starts. Next is how payment is rendered. PayPal is always an option but in today’s day there are several new payroll companies that make paying 1099 contractors easy as can be.

I’m sure I didn’t get to everything as this is a work in progress. This will be my first time hiring a full-time freelancer and I’m excited about it. Have you ever hired one? Did I miss anything? Did you have a good experience or did it end up going bad? I’ve been a control freak for far too long, it’s time to get some help but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m nervous. Any and all suggestions are indeed welcome! Cheers to 2014!

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