Three Ways Small Businesses Can Use Hangouts

Google Hangout Webinar PluginIt almost seems like Google Hangouts for business have crept in quietly in amongst the noise of other online social facilities.

The rise of the service really has been driven by businesses, so it makes sense to spend some time learning exactly how Google Hangouts can work for you.

1. Connect with Your Clients

This could be one-to-one sessions or group coaching. It could be part of a membership site, or it could be simply connecting with clients using video.

The fact that you can only have 10 people in a hangout might be seen as a disadvantage, but in fact it can be turned into an advantage, because it creates a feeling of intimate connection. In a group coaching setting, you could use that small number to create exclusivity.

Also, although you can only have 10 people *in* the hangout, you can have more than that watching, so the numbers connecting can be increased that way.

2. Gain New Clients

One of the hottest trends in client acquisition over the last couple of years has been the webinar. Instead of long sales letters, traffic is driven to webinars, where they can watch and listen to a presentation, which is a combination of content and pitch. At the end of the presentation you’ll typically have an opportunity to buy whatever is being promoted, often accompanied by a scarcity ‘have to buy it now’ element of marketing.

There’s a reason that webinars have become so popular as sales tools – they work. The downside for many has been the cost, particularly for those just dipping their toes into the practice. Systems such as GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect – while the top choices in the webinar world – come with a hefty price tag that can be too much for a newbie to manage

Using Google Hangouts gets past that cost problem, and again, you can either limit people to those in the Hangout with you, or you can invite as many people as you want to watch along. There are event tools and plugins you can use to help maximize the benefits of Hangouts for your business.

3. Create a Product

One fairly quick and easy way to create a product is to make a video, and Google Hangouts are great for this. This can either be you teaching something, or having an interview with someone in the Hangout. It makes the product unique to you.

You can record Hangouts, but an even better option is to do it live, because if you then link up with your YouTube channel, the Hangout is converted and put on your channel. Then you have a product you can sell many times over. (Of course we’d be glad to transcribe your event when your recording is ready!)

So, to sum up, that’s 3 ways you can use quick and easy Hangouts to help grow your business…

  • You can connect with current clients, either to build relationships, or as part of a product they have bought.
  • You can use the service to get new clients, harnessing the power of the webinar, which has been financially out of reach for many up to now.
  • You can use the record facility to create a product, because videos create a unique selling point.

Getting clients, keeping them, and creating products – 3 great ways to use Google Hangouts for business!

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