Looking to get started in Transcription? Grab the Transcription Crash Course.

I am excited to announce a new transcription training info product written by Loretta Oliver. The Transcription Crash Course is designed to give you everything you need to start making money through a service based online business. What I love about Retta’s ebook is that she shows you how to get started NOW quickly and on a minimum budget, with several free resources or resources you already have.

Seeing as I own a transcription company with more than 30 employees, and have trained more than a dozen transcriptionists over the years, I would feel confident that the Transcription Crash Course guide would prepare someone to work for me.  At the bargain price of $17, I would not only highly suggest it to someone without experience applying to work with me, but I would seriously consider requiring it.

Retta and I agree that starting in transcription shouldn’t cost you several thousand dollars and months in a training program. Almost everyone I know that has completed a ” medical transcription course” has realized what a sham they are soon after starting to work. Yes, you do get better through practice however you should be paid for transcription you do, NOT have to pay someone else to let you do work for them.

Retta and I do offer different services and do things a little bit different. While Retta loves to use Express Scribe’s Hot Keys, I am a die-hard pedal user. I am in the process of packing to go out of town and have already packed my pedal just in case. My child is not going with me- My transcription pedal is! Don’t get me wrong. If you are just starting out, practice with the hot keys. You definitely need to know how to use them even if you intend to buy a pedal. I have had employees in the past have no practice with hot keys and have their pedal die with in the middle of an important project. As with any mechanical device, it does happen and in the house of a transcriptionist with no hot keys experience, pedal death is a tragic day.

If you do want to purchase a transcription pedal, what may surprise you is that the cheapest one on the market is the best. The link below is to an Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal that sells for $58.50. I personally use the IN-USB-2 and have a IN-USB-1 (the older version, same price) as a backup. I have used TVPS for several years when ordering pedals and dictation equipment. They have fantastic customer service and usually I use the free shipping option and have my order the next day because they ship so quickly.

IN-USB-2 Infinity USB Foot Pedal for Computer Transcription – New INUSB-2 Digital Station

Once you get comfortable with regular transcription, you can branch out from a standard template to other templates. In our menu of services we offer everything from a regular plain template, to indented template, pretty e-book style templates, PDF conversion and rebrandable PDFs. Building up to these kinds of services can be a goal after establishing your skills in transcription.

One more piece of advice, before you check out Retta’s e-book. Getting distracted is an everyday issue when working from home. You must train yourself to avoid distractions, including children, Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general. When you first start out, it is best to set yourself breaks at specific times. This will give you a goal and keep you from starting other tasks while you should be working.

If you want to learn more about transcription, or are looking at options for making money online, you can’t bet being able to get started for less than $20. Check out this link for more information and to purchase the Transcription Crash Course.


*Note* I am an affiliate for the Transcription Crash Course and TVPS. I was not asked to review either product and you will only find my honest opinions I choose to share with you here.

7 thoughts on “Looking to get started in Transcription? Grab the Transcription Crash Course.”

  1. Thank you so much for the great and thorough review, Erica.

    I’m making a note of your pedal recommendation, because people do ask me about them once they’ve gotten started and I can never suggest one since I don’t use one.

    I’m with you 100 percent on those skeevy medical transcription course shams. I want to cry every time I see a mom who wants to work from home sign up for one of those things. It makes me physically ill to think about what they are going through when they get to the end of those.

  2. Hey lady, just caught up on the last few articles here. Looks like things are moving along well.

    Good to see you on 3rd tribe forum. I’ve haven’t checked in there in a week or so. Good group. I’ll see you there soon.

    Ok, back to the 1000 or so RSS entries I’m behind on…

  3. Lisa @ Tie Dye Shirts

    This is an awesome review of Transcription Crash Course – I was so excited when I read it! Loretta really made me feel like it’s something i can actually learn and master!

  4. I’m making a note of your pedal recommendation, because people do ask me about them once they’ve gotten started and I can never suggest one since I don’t use one.Thank you so much for the great and thorough review.

  5. Hi. Question.  I have purchased Loretta’s course and it is a good, informative course.  I understand the mechanics of transcription and I am capable of doing it, BUT, how do I find clients?  That to me is the biggest challenge when you don’t have experience is convincing someone to allow you to transcribe something for them when you don’t have a resume.  What is the best way to go about getting clients if you are brand new to this business?  Thanks

    1. Hi Gary,

      There are a number of ways to get new clients. It’s always good to have a website, and a Facebook fan page so people can find you. When I first started, I did some contract work off online job boards but my big break came from in-person networking. Going to local meetups, chamber of commerce mixers or seminars are a good way to meet a few people. Once you have a few clients, your testimonials and reputation build up. Then the referrals start. Referrals are our biggest lead to new clients.

      Loretta also did a Q&A post on my other website recently, if you’d like to take a look at that. http://theinvisibleoffice.com/work-from-home-transcription/

      1. Hi Erica,
        Thanks for your reply and the information.  I do have one other question though if you don’t mind.  How much chance does one have of getting hired by a transcription company if they don’t have any prior experience?  The idea of doing transcription as an employee and collecting a regular paycheck even on a part-time basis is a little more appealing to me than having to go out acquiring clients.  Thanks again!

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