Tungle and It’s Time Saving Magic

I  asked a colleague when talking if she used Tungle and she replied “I have no idea what Tungle is”. Tungle is a magical piece of web-based software that saves me tons of time. In reality all Tungle really is is an webclient to schedule meetings.

Let me show you how it saves me time and huge headaches.

This past Saturday Tungle was down for maintenance. Saturday is probably a good time for maintenance except I’m leaving for vacation today (Wednesday) and I was trying to get ahead. I needed to schedule meetings with my two assistants, a colleague to be interviewed for a web radio show and a potential client.

Tungle Calendar

Scheduling My Interview

Interview for web radio- Normally I would have emailed Angela the link to my Tungle page with my nice, neat calendar availability and just picked one of the times she emailed me that we were both available.  That makes 2 emails tops to schedule the interview. But like I said Tungle was down for maintenance and I was on a short time schedule. So we volleyballed on when we were available and what time was best and OH NO! I didn’t realize you were in a different time zone. It took 8 emails to schedule instead of 2. (If you listen to the interview, you’ll know I could sit and talk to Angela all day but that doesn’t help me prove my point here.)

Then, I had to manually enter the appointment into my calendar. AH, I didn’t tell you that when you confirm a Tungle appointment it automatically syncs to your calendars. So I add my appointment and it won’t sync. I use  Mozilla Thunderbird as a email client and sync it to my Google Calendar for ease of use with Tungle and my Blackberry. I uninstalled the syncing plugin from Thunderbird. Still no dice. Finally 30 minutes later, I realized it was user error and that I had entered the appointment into some none existent calendar rather than my Google Calendar.

Finally Synced

The other 3 meetings waited until Monday when Tungle was done with maintenance. In this instance, Tungle would have saved me over an hour. Partially because I don’t have to know how to use my calendar because Tungle works SO well.

And if that wasn’t enough.

Admittedly there are similar services to Tungle on the market, BUT those of you who know me well, know I am a huge believer in customer service. When I first signed up for Tungle, Marc Gingras, the CEO, and Jason Knudsen, Head of Support, from Tungle,  sent me a personal welcome email and Marc personally responded to some questions I had about the service. I was absolutely hands down floored and instantly made a life-long customer right then.

Tungle is a free service but I love it so much if they ever start charging for it, I’ll gladly hand them my credit card information.

Home Page: Tungle.com Want my calendar? Tungle.me/cosminsky Need me later? Check out my Availability over  in the sidebar->

Have a great week!


P.S. Don’t freak out because I’m not available the rest of the week. My assistants, Jill and Heather, will be holding down the fort. I’ll also have access to email while I’m gone.

P.S.S. Don’t forget to check out my interview with Angel Wills at Marketer’s Mojo. It was a fun conversation about running a service based business, scams, and marketing.

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