Why Seminar Transcripts Are a Must

First of all, if you have gone to all the trouble to have a live or virtual seminar, why would you not have it transcribed?  I know you have considered how much blood, sweat and tears went into your seminar, but have you stopped to think about how much a ton of knowledge pushed at your attendees is like watering a flower with a fire hose? Unlike they will remember 50% of the content, much less all of it!

Consider These Questions and Answers

Q: How much information is your attendee going to retain the first time around?

A: We only retain about 10-15% of what we hear the first time. We retain 90% of what we read. For hints and tips on remeMicrophone seminarmbering more.

Q: What about your clients that can’t afford to travel or have family responsibilities they can’t be away from home?

A: Simply put, they won’t have any access to the knowledge presented in your seminar… unless you sell the audio and/or transcripts.

Q: But my seminar was 3 days. Won’t having all that audio transcribed cost a fortune?

A: Typically depending on your break lengths, a 3 day seminar will be 22-25 hours of audio. While it may seem that transcripts of the whole event will be expensive, in the long run if you continue to sell the home-study course you will probably make much more than you spent. Another way to pay for the transcripts is to charge $100 more for each course attendee and provide the transcripts for free or reduced cost to the attendees.

Q: Won’t it take forever to have 25 hours of audio transcribed?

A: That of course depends on who you choose to handle your transcription . The Small Business Transcriptionist specializes in seminar and large event transcription. Because of the organization of our team, we can process 25 hours of audio in a matter of days. For example, I personally attended Bob The Teacher’s SIMPLE Seminar on internet marketing, recorded a backup with my hand held recorder and sent the files to my project manager each day. The transcripts were actually almost ready before I arrived home from the event. (SIMPLE 2 is going to be in the fall this year and I am definitely going to be there. Be sure to check it out. SIMPLE 2)

Q: Well, I had a telesummit, instead of a live event. Plus the teleseminars were free to attend.

A: There are any number of reasons that someone could miss your teleseminar from appointments to forgetting. Plus if you do a telesummit with a number of calls in a few days, no matter how badly people want to hear all the calls they likely won’t be able to make them all.

Q: But What Can I do With the Transcripts?

A: You have so many options that stem from having your speechs written out in a transcript. It allows your course attendees to review your content once they are home and have had time to mentally process the weekend. If you really want to blow them away, instead of selling a plain transcript, offer them e-book style transcripts that have a table of contents allowing them to easily jump to the section they need.  That provides them with an INSTANT reference on your chosen topic. You can sell the transcripts separately, as a package or even bundle them with the audio from the event.

YOUR Home-study Course Made Easy

The steps between an ebook style transcript and a home-study course are simple. You could add pictures to your transcripts and worksheets *that you probably used at your seminar* plus you have the advantage of adding videos or sections you left out at the seminar. Pair the prepared transcripts with access to the audio from your seminar and you have a nearly instant home-study course to sell. Selling your home-study course provides your potential clients with a more affordable way to learn from you. Clients that find you in the future that would have missed your seminar would also have access to that information with no further work on your part. And of course we all love money showing up in our inbox without having to work hard for it.

So What’s Stopping You?

As simple as it is to repurpose your audio recording of your seminar all the way from transcripts, ebooks and a home-study course, there is no reason to hesitate. Letting the audio sit on your desktop only ages your materials.

Can you imagine having a home-study course ready to sell in less than 14 days after your event?

Is your event already over or coming up soon? Contact me to discuss a plan for your ebook style transcripts and homestudy course.



P.S. Not ready for a true seminar? The Teleseminar Formula from Bob the Teacher is a great resource to get you started doing live calls and working toward your own seminar.

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