Work-At-Home Challenges & How To Combat Them

iStock_000008013028XSmall-e1273064838226I’ve been working from home for many years now and I still seem to find myself facing the same problems I did when I first started, which, is of course frustrating. When I take into consideration that I just can’t see myself going back into the corporate world I know there is only one option – fix the problems and keep on moving forward. Before are some helpful tips if you find yourself in the same situation.

Dealing with WAHM Isolation

One of my biggest struggles in working from home is the isolation. Yet, on the extreme opposite end, I struggle with people understanding that I am working and I can’t talk on the phone or day or take a three out coffee break to Starbucks. There is in fact, real true work going on and deadlines.

Social media is a huge help with isolation. Reading Facebook statuses and Tweets from fellow WAHM moms is comforting. The interaction is priceless and building those networks aren’t only good for work referrals but for sanity too. Forums (Lynn Terry is one of my favorite) are also helpful as you can find several others to engage with. But my most favorite has to be Skype! No matter where your friends or family are located you can Skype with them for business, personal or both.

WAHM’s On the Go

While I can’t necessarily take a four hour coffee break with a friend as that be fun but not productive, it is good to work out of the house at least one or two days. My laptop bag is always ready to go with the essentials – power cord, headphones, cellphone charger and notepad etc.

Heck, there are days I grab some patio cushions and head outdoor to work. It’s not exactly out of the house but it is away from my desk and the other forty-two things that I need to get done so I still find it incredibly relaxing and productive.

I have both a Blackberry and an iPhone, both of them are with me at all times. I just can’t break up with my BB so for now, I’m making it work. On the days that I don’t want to drag my laptop around, I can still answer emails and watch my social media accounts. Dropbox and Evernote are two apps that are free and yet priceless to me. Anything I do on the phone can be transferred to the app to access on the computer later and vice versa. This is a huge deal for me because I am infamous for forgetting files or links and creating even more work on stress when I’m already behind schedule.

Active WAHM’s

I’ve gained a few pounds by working from home. I’m not proud but it’s there and it must be dealt with. I tried the gym and I just can’t seem to find that warm and fuzzy feeling that some people are lucky to experience. So instead, I do my own thing. I get up and stretch, walk around the yard and take mini breaks.

But more than the exercise and I’m sure many WAHM’s can relate, I am more careful about what foods I’m consuming. More water and healthy snacks which include pretzels, yogurt and frozen grapes. There used to be a time that it was the fattening foods I was craving out of pure boredom and it was leading to a whole new set of worries and concerns. Pay attention now and make adjustments accordingly.

What do you do to stay on task with work, isolation and boredom eating?