The Background Noises of Life

We’re not always recording our audios, teleseminars, and webinars in sound proof boxes. We might be in our office, at our kitchen table, or even recording an interview on the go at an event or meeting. Sometimes the background noises of life sneak into the final audio. Sometimes we’re not even sure what they are […]

Google Hangouts Are Here To Stay, With or Without You

When Google first introduced their Hangout function, it was viewed with skepticism by many. Although it’s bedded in quite nicely now, many still wonder if it’s here to stay or not. With the endless launching of new services online, as the big players try to capture as many people as possible from each other, many […]

The Downsides of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are growing in popularity and small businesses are finding all sorts of creative ways to use them. But, no tool is without downsides and Google is pretty good at sweeping those downsides under the rug, so let’s have a closer look. Yes, you can use Hangouts for business purposes in many ways, from […]

10 Audio Marketing Tips for Your Business

We get a lot of questions from clients about how to use more audio in their marketing. Audio in marketing can be extremely effective when it’s done right. Listening to a recording of something is often far more compelling than reading it in print. Of course, there are wrong ways to use audio. For example, […]

Three Ways Small Businesses Can Use Hangouts

It almost seems like Google Hangouts for business have crept in quietly in amongst the noise of other online social facilities. The rise of the service really has been driven by businesses, so it makes sense to spend some time learning exactly how Google Hangouts can work for you.

Hanging Out is Good for Business

Google Hangouts had a slow start, particularly for businesses, and there was a good reason for that. Now the question is: Is it time to embrace Google Hangouts for real now? Yes. That’s the short answer, but perhaps not as informative as it could be, so lets take a look at the development of the […]