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Nothing makes my day faster than receiving a thank you or a shout out from a happy client. If you aren’t on this page and we’ve worked together, please leave me a comment, send a tweet, submit a testimonial form, or drop an email and I’ll add you!

Working with Loretta is simply … the best. She takes great care to make sure your transcription is correct, well formatted, and she goes the extra mile to make sure it’s done in a way that’s useable for you. As a podcast producer and consultant, I’ve become dissatisfied with automated transcription services (which leave you with a transcript you still need to edit, format, and correct) and wanted to find a professional to take on the transcripts that get created for my show and my clients’ shows. Loretta is a professional through and through, and I am so happy that I get to work with her. She has made it so much easier for my team to turn out great content, and with her quick help we are now batching things out even further ahead. I can not tell you how good that feels! Thank you, Loretta, for everything!

Paula Jenkins

Loretta is a godsend! She is very punctual with meeting her deadlines, goes out of her way to provide thorough work, and is proactive in noticing problems or asking if I need anything extra to finish a project. She is most definitely a valuable part of my team.

Christina Lemmey

I’ve worked with Loretta on many transcription projects.

She’s great to work with as she is really an expert in her field.

Loretta is professional and reliable and has served as a wonderful mentor in assisting me with my own transcription business.

Alicia Jay

Loretta transcribed my recent telesummit Passion Profit Secrets, and her work was absolutely top notch! I was extremely pleased with the quality of the transcriptions (no edits required, and she took the initiative to prepare a great looking cover page for each one of the transcriptions too – wow!) and the turnaround time (little over two weeks for 10 sessions, well within the timeframe I specified).

Did I mention she has great rates and is supremely easy to work with? I know who I’ll be getting to transcribe all of my calls and summits in the future.

Thad Bong, The Passionpreneur Coach

If you are looking for a reliable and professional transcriber, I highly recommend Loretta’s transcription service.

Loretta has transcribed dozens of videos for my coaching program, and here’s what I loved about her service:

– Her transcripts were delivered on time
– They look very professional
– She was available for rush service whenever I got stuck and needed something last minute
– She was a pleasure to deal with

Thanks, Loretta. I just wanted to send you a special note telling you how much I appreciate your transcripts. The quality is above and beyond anything else I’ve seen out there, and every time I work with you – it just gets better and better.

Sara Young

Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Loretta makes getting a transcription an easy process. She is accurate and punctual, two must-have qualities when looking for a transcription service. I highly recommend her.

Chris Cobb

I have used Loretta more than once to format and design ebooks and reports. She handles the cover art as well as the book/report interior design. I love that I can send all the bits and pieces to Loretta and have it all come back as a beautiful finished product.

In many cases, rather than a written document, I simply send Loretta a voice file and some color options. She transcribes the audio, designs the book/report and puts it all together. Nothing could be easier!

She gets my highest recommendation.

Karon Thackston

Accurate. Timely. Professional. Those are the three words I use to describe Loretta’s transcription service.

Before I found Loretta a couple of years ago, I had some real issues getting transcripts that were correct, let alone getting them at all. So I was a bit worried to ‘try’ someone else. But Loretta came highly recommended by some of the top Internet marketers, so I felt confident in hiring her.

And boy! I was so lucky I took their advice in hiring her. She’s fantastic! She works behind the scenes accessing my audios, and turning around the transcripts very quickly. Plus, the transcripts are visually appealing, in addition to being accurate! All I needed to do is create PDFs from them and they ready for my clients. Today, Loretta is the ONLY person I rely on to get my transcripts done.

Shannon Cherry

Most people know that you’ve been transcribing all of my online material for awhile now.

I couldn’t be happier with your outstanding quality of work and on time delivery.

Mark Mason

Loretta saved me a ton of time. She transcribed my audio file perfectly, delivering back a clean, formatted document that I was able to use immediately without any touching up. I will definitely use her services again!

Shannon Stoltz

GREAT job on the transcripts. I really appreciate that they’re done so well that I don’t have to do any work afterwards. You’ve made it so easy for me to have my podcasts transcribed that I don’t have to think about anything.

You grab the audios when I publish my shows and type directly into my template which saves me even more time since I don’t have to make the transcripts pretty afterwards. Thanks so much for making me look good and for helping to keep me stay mostly-sane.

Nicole Dean, Mostly-Sane Marketer

Thank you, everyone. You're pretty darn awesome too!

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  1. Erica and her team did a spectacular job on the entire series of teleseminar transcripts for a very important program we offered to our authors.

    Thank you Erica and Heather! My members comment often as to how much they appreciate the transcripts and how professional and attractive they are.

    With much appreciation,
    D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed.
    Executive Producer of http://BookMarketingTeleseminars.com

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