Creating & Designing Your Work Space

Last time I wrote a post it was titled, “Finding Boundaries When Working At Home.” While that is still a work in progress, I am now focusing on my working environment. Oddly, although I now have a home office I seem to work in the kitchen just as much as I did before. I’m nothing […]

Finding Boundaries When Working At Home

Happy New Year! With a month already gone in the New Year I’m forcing myself to take a hard look at what I’m doing and what I need to be doing. This is going to be a productive year even if it kills me and, let’s be honest, it just might! Last year I wrote […]

Suggestions for Hiring A Freelance Writer

This year I have learned a lot about my business and expectations for the coming year. For starters, I am planning on hiring at least one freelancer writer for the New Year. Identifying your strength and weaknesses is an important part of being a business owner. I no longer want to spend my days coming […]

Work-At-Home Challenges & How To Combat Them

I’ve been working from home for many years now and I still seem to find myself facing the same problems I did when I first started, which, is of course frustrating. When I take into consideration that I just can’t see myself going back into the corporate world I know there is only one option […]

Knock knock… Find out who’s going to answer.

So who does work at The Small Business Transcriptionist? Uh…. Transcriptionists…. No I’m serious. I am Erica Cosminsky and in this post, you will learn more about us and what we do. The Small Business Transcriptionist was born as my solo operation and quickly grew beyond the capability of one person. Because our team specializes […]

Busy, Busy Week after a Short Vacation

I wanted to let you know what’s going on around here.  It’s been a busy week catching up and we’ve had  a lot of new work flowing in. We have done over 40 hours of audio this week and I have written 2 ebooks while my writers have been working on formatting other projects. 2010 […]