Everyone’s Favorite Entertaining Flight Attendant Does an Awesome Job

I’ve seen and heard this flight attendant’s entertaining routine mentioned several times today; once on the radio in the car, once on TV, and there it was again when I opened my browser tonight.

News outlets and radio shows pointed out how funny and entertaining she was, how she calmed nervous passengers with her engaging humor. They all missed the most important part that stood out to me…. She got people to pay attention at a point when most people are checking their phones, trying to remember if they unplugged their curling before they left, reading a book, and doing anything but paying attention to the potentially life saving information that she is giving them as part of her job. Had there been an emergency on this flight, these passengers would be prepared.

She did her job in an amazing way. She eased nerves of the nervous, she relaxed the anxiety and tension of a crowded flight, and she made sure everyone heard the information they needed to hear in a memorable way in case they should need to recall it later.

She knew her audience, she engaged them in the best way, and they enjoyed her message so much they shared it without being asked to. Think about that for a moment…. No, really. Take a few minutes to think about how you’re delivering your information. Are people paying attention?

We should all want to be this awesome at our job. Whatever your message is, it’s not of any use unless people actually hear it. How awesome would it be if your audience loved hearing your message so much they shared it with all their friends just because they enjoyed hearing it so much? Know your audience, present your information in a way that will be well-received by them, and your job will be much easier and hopefully a bit more fun too.