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Happy Clients

Nothing makes my day faster than receiving a thank you or a shout out from a happy client. If you aren’t on this page and we’ve worked together, please leave me a comment, send a tweet or drop an email and we’ll add you!

I just wanted to send you a special note telling you how much I appreciate your transcripts. The quality is above and beyond anything else I’ve seen out there, and every time I work with you – it just gets better and better.
~ Sara Young,

Do yourself a favor: Leave transcription to the pros at the Small Business Transcriptionist!

I will never go back to slogging through an audio recording again, ugh! As a business owner, my time is money. Hiring Erica is just smart business; she’s quicker and she’s better.

Interviewing and writing articles for my blog has become fun again.

Alison Cummings
Social Media Marketing Consultant

Kristen Eckstein Small Business Transcriptionist Testimonial

Kristen Eckstein

Kristen pulls books out of your brain. Her team of writers, illustrators and her graphic design will blow you away.
Ultimate Book Coach and Imagine Studios

Need to streamline your business? Click this link because Cindy is honest, professional and trust me, you want to work with her.

Ronna Detrick Testimonial for the Small Business Transcriptionist

Ronna Detrick

Renegade Conversations

Ronna’s blog on Faith, Feminism and Trust is always my look into the true depth of being a woman.

This is a great provider! She is always there when I need her! I will continue to work with her!
–Client- Oakley Administration

Thanks a lot. I want you to know that you are the best provider that I have ever worked with.
–Client P.O.

Thank you. These are great.
–Client- Charles B.

Thank you, everyone. You’re pretty darn awesome too!

Want to see even more testimonials from folks Loretta and the team have worked with? Check out Teleseminars Transcribed for an extended list.

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  1. Erica and her team did a spectacular job on the entire series of teleseminar transcripts for a very important program we offered to our authors.

    Thank you Erica and Heather! My members comment often as to how much they appreciate the transcripts and how professional and attractive they are.

    With much appreciation,
    D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed.
    Executive Producer of

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