Suggestions for Hiring A Freelance Writer

This year I have learned a lot about my business and expectations for the coming year. For starters, I am planning on hiring at least one freelancer writer for the New Year. Identifying your strength and weaknesses is an important part of being a … [Continue reading]

Stop Talking Badly About Your Clients and Customers on Social Media


I've been seeing this a lot lately and it's really starting to irk me quite a bit, because I'm seeing it come from people that I know, like, and trust. To be honest, I'm not sure if they even realize they're doing it. I know they wouldn't talk … [Continue reading]

Stop Struggling with Fresh Content Ideas & Try These

Many bloggers, myself included, struggle with coming up with new content ideas regularly. Although small business trends are always but, fresh content is as necessary now as it has always been for several reasons, including your search engine … [Continue reading]

Work-At-Home Challenges & How To Combat Them

I’ve been working from home for many years now and I still seem to find myself facing the same problems I did when I first started, which, is of course frustrating. When I take into consideration that I just can’t see myself going back into the … [Continue reading]

Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Business

In my last post, titled “Tips To Market Your Small Business,” I wrote about a few important factors to consider before starting a small business as well as marketing advice. While, we did touch briefly on Social Media, we didn’t discuss in depth how … [Continue reading]

The Downsides of Google Hangouts

Google Hangout Webinar Plugin

Google Hangouts are growing in popularity and small businesses are finding all sorts of creative ways to use them. But, no tool is without downsides and Google is pretty good at sweeping those downsides under the rug, so let's have a closer … [Continue reading]