Erica Cosminsky is an HR Business Strategist for small businesses. She can slog through the pile of applicants and help deliver the best assistant to your "office door", she transforms mile long to-do lists into manageable bites, and like your best friend after a raging party, she sticks around to offer assistance or clean up any messes, etc. Find her free delegation workbook at She is a former corporate HR Manager, and ran her own virtual business team for 4 years. She has a BS in Organizational Leadership focused in HR and is a grad student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology focused in Workplace Efficiency. Honestly, if you have questions about working with people, Erica can probably help you. Ask her on Twitter. @Cosminsky


Tools Series- Mindmaps Over the next several days, I’d like to introduce you to several tools  I use including the Zen To Done system, Problogger’s 31DBB and Copywriting Handbook for Bloggers. Today I want to focus on an organization tool. In addition to owning and running The Small Business Transcriptionist and offering coaching services at …

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