Fighting Blogger’s Block: Part 1

For the past few weeks I’ve had a blogging writer’s block.

engineering pad image
Please don't make fun of my horrible handwriting.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to sit down at the computer and type out all the thoughts in my head. Finally I broke out one of my old engineering pads from when I was at Auburn majoring in Agronomy and Soils. Two hours later, I had about 20 pages written for my blog, my paper and several other projects. There’s nothing special about the paper. It’s just a green engineering pad with a grid on it that I used to draw landscapes. I also go through a ton of Moleskines every month.

So I did some asking around to see what methods other people use to write their posts. I got a lot of great answers so be sure to check back for Part 2 and 3 to hear methods from Andrea Olson, Lynn Terry, John Morgan and John Navin.

Joey Strawn- Most Flexible Poster

Joey uses Word or his WordPress Dashboard, and likes to try new methods often when he writes his blog posts. He’s been experimenting with Mindmaps (which I love) and writes in different locations. Following him on Twitter, I constantly have to edit his tweets to redistribute them, because he’s quite verbose. (I wish I had that problem.)

I think the key to learn from Joey is to try to step outside the box and find the method that works best- instead of using a process just because everyone else is doing it. Plus Joey has a lot to teach you about blogging, social media and making new friends. He blogs with a hint of sarcasm and honesty that you don’t find around the internet much. Joey’s blogging exemplifies “play outside of the box and you’ll stand out from the crowd.”

Joey loves social media, branding, movies, his wife and blogs about it all at and For Bloggers by Bloggers. Joey offers blog coaching that I highly suggest. Find him on Twitter @Joey_Strawn.

More Tomorrow

Part 2 is on techniques from Andrea Olson and Lynn Terry.

I’m having a lot of fun investigating everyone’s different styles. Let us know what your techniques are or if you have questions we can help you with!


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2 thoughts on “Fighting Blogger’s Block: Part 1”

  1. Wow, thanks for this awesome post that talk about me. Since I’m involved with social media, I’m much more of a narcissist than I like to let on, but this really made my day.

    I’ve never been one to simply “write this way because it’s the right write way” which always frustrated my teachers. I write how and when it feels right for me, which is a lot and that helps me stay consistent.

    Thanks again and I look forward to the rest of this series.

    1. I also have a sort of tongue-in-cheek style and never followed a “writing formula” either. It drove my teachers kind of crazy too.

      Thanks for your input in the post!

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