Fighting Blogger Block: Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about having a blogger’s writing block and how I figured out I wasn’t using the best

Annie Mole
Image from Annie Mole

writing method for me. Part 1: Included insight from Joey Strawn. Today’s post delves into Andrea Olson’s thoughtful method and Lynn Terry’s structured method.

Andrea Olson- Most Eloquent Blogger

“I usually build them around a fully-formed phrase or sentence that comes to me. Then I sit down at the computer & write the rest.”

Rather than forcing her writing, Andrea blogs from the heart. Her posts are deep and thoughtful and I love her blog She creates great conversations and most of her posts are relatively short but full of content. Check out her blog for an example of how to do this internet thing right.  She’s also on Twitter.

Lynn Terry- Most Honest Answer

Last week while having lunch with me, Lynn and I were discussing transcribing and writing and blogging. I emailed her to follow up on something she said during lunch. Her answer is very thorough so I’m cutting and pasting it to ensure you get it all.

“Anytime I have an idea for a blog post, I put that idea into a draft in WordPress. It might be a keyword phrase and a few thoughts, or just a general idea, and then I save it. That way I can access it and finish working on it from any device – my iPad, my Droid X, Macbook or PC.

I currently have over 500 drafts in WordPress, so I usually start with one of those when I sit down to blog. Other times I’ll get a creative idea and just write, edit & publish a blog post all in one sitting.

I’m a stickler for formatting. I usually do all of my formatting before I even write the blog post. I create the title, choose the keyword phrase, place the image, put in the signature and P.S. etc – all before the actual content is written. You can see my process at: (which also serves as a visual example).”

Follow the above link to Lynn’s blog. I take no responsibility for the number of hours you stay on her site soaking up all of her brilliance. When you get done, make your way to her Facebook Fan Page.

Have you picked up any tricks from these methods?


P.S. Tomorrow’s post features John Morgan and John Navin to wrap up this 3 part post.

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