Repurposing Content Experiment

I know you have heard about repurposing your content from the gurus you follow. But have you tried it? Do you really know what it means to repurpose your content?

Over the next past few days, I have been doing an experiment on my blog to show you a repurposed article.

In my last blog post, I actually repurposed an article that was submitted to Ezine. The original article is posted on Ezine articles as How to Repurpose Your Content Quickly and Easily. That article is 729 words and contains 2 numbered sections. It has been on Ezine’s website since November 18th and has been viewed 38 times. Through tracking links, I know that my site has been visited 16 times from that one article. And that’s in only 5 days.

Repurposed the article was titled Quickly Repurpose Your Content. It was slightly shorter and ends quite differently.

What I would like to know is if I hadn’t told you, would you have realized it was a repurposed article? Do you prefer the more conversational style of the second article used as a blog post or the first one?

Tip: When you are writing an article, if you have ideas that don’t flow well or make your article too long set them aside for repurposing the original article.

Tip: Even if you use an article writer or ghostwriter, give them a list of your ideas. Giving them an article topic How to Take Care of Plants and giving them an idea that you want them to include how your grandmother feed the roses Epsom salt and banana peels are two different things and will yield two completely different articles.