More Effective Social Media Management: 3 Tricks to HootSuite Like a Pro

Excelling on social media isn’t just a valuable strategy for mega brands like Coca-Cola. In fact, 88% of small business customers report referencing online reviews and social media profiles before deciding which small business to purchase from. Despite its importance in growing a business long term, however, most small business owners fall somewhere between neglectful […]


Tools Series- Mindmaps Over the next several days, I’d like to introduce you to several tools  I use including the Zen To Done system, Problogger’s 31DBB and Copywriting Handbook for Bloggers. Today I want to focus on an organization tool. In addition to owning and running The Small Business Transcriptionist and offering coaching services at […]

My new secret to productivity: getting stuff NOT done

Hey, Dave Doolin from Website In A Weekend here, filling in for Erica while she’s away. If you’re like me, you have way more on task list than anyone could possibly get done. I have few sneaky techniques for these situations. Here’s a couple of them. When I’m just totally overloaded, I have the hardest […]

Clean Office Challenge

Normally I would start off a post like this “Does anyone else feel like their house is always destroyed during the Holidays?” Lynn Terry’s Elite Brainstorming group has been challenged to get organized and the overwhelming response was that everyone’s office is a huge mess. Getting back into the swing of things after a few […]

A Clean Slate for 2010

I prefer to wrap up a year strong than to set New Year’s Resolutions. For years, I have watched people set New Year’s Resolutions and drop their “goal” within 10 days.  I’m sure you have seen the same trend. Everyone starts out strong but the polish wears off when they don’t get immediate results. We […]

Competition or Collaboration?

Do you guard your business or collaborate with your market?. Recently, some people noticed on Twitter that I was having conversations with other transcriptionists and transcription company owners. You may also remember that I gave a shout out to Nicole Dean and Arika Lewis of Yummy PLR in this post. I was asked • Aren’t […]