Modern Uses of Transcription

Nowadays, businesses and professionals lean towards easier and faster ways on how to enhance business models. Because of that, innovation has been continuously on the rise with the coming of various services such as data encryption and transcription. However, some businesses still lean towards traditional methods without knowing how the new ones could actually work for them. In the modern world, who uses transcriptions and what are transcripts for?

Who? Why? What?

Why get a transcript of your speech?
Why get a transcript of your speech?

If you are a speaker who has been invited to a myriad of talks, what happens to each speech you make right after you delivered it? I

t either gets stuck in a pile of recorded tapes or you make profit out of them. Yes, even speeches from years ago can actually be put to good use by means of transcription. Instead of letting it collect dust, why don’t you have professionals transcribe it and after which, you can sift through the text, eliminating redundancies and making sure that you retain the essential parts. This can then be turned into an e-book or an e-course which you can make available for purchase to the whole world.

Now, what about business meetings where there are a number of people involved. Most likely, you will not be able to take note of every word that the board members will say and because of that, you might be missing important information in the process. With that said, having a handy voice recorder ready and having it transcribed after will give you a black and white copy of the meeting details you just had. That easy, really. Transcripts are very important to every business model because, unlike remembering each and every word, you have a hard copy of all the important details of every event in your business. Instead of playing the audio file over again to look for a specific part, you can just quickly scan it when it is written down with the use of modern software. It makes transactions easier and business models much faster.

Easier: Reference, Searchablity and Repurposing

With that said, it is easy to understand why more and more companies and businesses are using the services of transcription companies. However, you should not just settle for any transcription company basically because each has their own strong points. You would want to get the services of one that has been proven in the field either by colleagues or by feedback from other people. Remember that transcription is a delicate job, one word error may mean a whole different thing so you need to be very careful in choosing the company that will handle your audio files.

The transcription industry is rapidly becoming high in demand basically because most business models benefit a lot from their services. Now, if you want to make life easier for you by not having to write down every single word from your business meeting (and missing out on important parts because you are too preoccupied), then grab a recorder with you and send the file to a transcription company. They will know what to do.

I personally have all of my mastermind, and coaching calls transcribed. It makes it much easier to make a detailed to-do list or mindmap of what I need to accomplish. I also typically record my client calls for easier reference to instructions as well as details. Even if you don’t have every thing transcribed, it can be helpful to have a recorder handy to catch your to-do lists or brillant ideas that you would forget when you got home from the store. Most cell phones have recording features now to make it even easier to use this simple technique to organize your day and your business.


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  1. Great tips and ideas for using transcription services! I encourage all my clients to use a personal recorder for things like notes, blog posts, ideas, project outlines, etc… It really does make things go together quickly.

    I’ve even been doing it myself lately, although transcribing my own voice is a little weird.

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