Top Three Tips for Using Transcription to Profit from Teleseminars

Transcription seems expensive to those that don’t know how to properly use it. Just having a teleseminar, phone call, seminar or workshop transcribed and then letting it sit on your hard drive is a waste of money. Let me show you how partnering with your transcriptionist and using your transcripts to their full advantage.

Tip #1 from the Small Business TranscriptionistTip #1- First sell multiple packages. Sell your Audio, your Transcripts, and sell them Packaged together.

Sell your Transcripts ALONE for enough to cover the cost of the transcription. Simple learn from our clients who sell the transcripts to their seminars for as much as $1397 a pop- one SINGLE sale pays for the transcription.

If your teleseminar is One Hour of audio and you paid $60 for the transcription, selling your transcripts for $37 and the package of audio and transcripts for $67 will cover your costs, with only one sale.

Tip #2- Presell your transcripts.Tip #2 from the Small Business Transcriptionist

May people may click on your link and truly be interested in your teleseminar. Then they see the date or time and know they can’t make it. Rather than having them close the page or click away, let them know they can purchase the audio or transcripts at a special presales rate. Better yet, give them the audio for prepurchasing the transcripts. You have just made money before your event has even started.

Tip #Tip #3 from the Small Business Transcriptionist3- Keep your Audience Hot and Wanting more.

We have become a highly Attention Deficient society. People don’t like to wait. Now imagine that you are a client who has prepaid for transcripts to the client who is charging $1397 for their seminar transcripts, and four months after the seminar you still don’t have your purchase. Would you be a happy client?

All of the examples I have used today are real life experiences from our transcription clients. Now, trust me, the 4 MONTH turnaround was not our fault. Bonus Tip: Don’t use the cheap recording companies. They are notorious for disappearing, bad quality audio and taking weeks to months for you to receive your audio.

If you are hosting a more simple teleseminar, notify your transcriptionist or transcription company of the date or your call. If you are working with the right transcriptionist, they will be prepared for your transcript and work with you to have the transcripts to your clients within 48 hours. This keeps your clients excited about your products and more likely to buy from you in the future.

Now I know what you might be thinking if you have worked with a “large box” transcription company before- 48 hour turnaround is going to cost a fortune! Not so! Whether you work with a solo transcriptionist or a small business transcription company, be clear on what you are promising to your clients AND make sure the template for your transcripts is arranged in advance. By being prepared, you leave less to chance and have the potential to create raving fans that will return to hear your calls again.

Be sure to leave me a comment with your questions and comments. I’d love to discuss your teleseminar ideas and transcript needs- Feel free to schedule an appointment with me at at a your most convenient time.



2 thoughts on “Top Three Tips for Using Transcription to Profit from Teleseminars”

  1. Hey Erica,
    These are great tips, and those that take just one of them and put them into action will never truly “pay” for transcripts again. The key to your tips is becoming profitable even before your call or event happens.

    As for who to turn to for transcripts, there are a lot of options. I’ve worked with individuals on Craigslist, CastingWords, “friends of a friend”, Twitter referrals, etc. As luck would have it, I found you and The Small Business Transcriptionist through a tweet. Since switching to your company for transcripts I get great service, well-formatted transcripts, and fast turn around for affordable rates.

    Thanks for reminding your audience about these tips, and for making the choice simple for getting transcripts done.

    Bob Jenkins

  2. These tips are AWESOME and should be definitely be required reading for anyone planning a teleseminar event. Having a template prepped in advance is often overlooked in the teleseminar prep checklist and I really like the idea of offering the three different packages, audio only, transcripts only, and all together. That’s a great idea and it gives the customer a chance to fit their budget too.

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